Microsoft 365: One Small Step for You—One Giant Leap for Your Business

microsoft 365

When you own a smaller business, it’s natural to think in less broad terms.

You may not have to pay employee health coverage or pricey commercial leases. You may not require substantial overhead for everyday operations. Even full-time IT support can be unnecessary.

But just because your business is small doesn’t mean you want to think small. A company’s goal is always growth. This means your technology and software need unlimited potential. 

You might rely on free email servers to conduct your important business. Three decades ago, it was Netscape. Then came AOL with its famous—or infamous—dial tone. Soon, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail were predominant—and all free. 

Now, Google Drive offers more free services that many businesses rely on. There’s also Slack and Zoom to keep in touch with coworkers. All are tempting choices—making it hard to justify the purchase of software. 

But these free applications have their limitations. As a company continues to thrive, the need for cloud-based services and storage grows. The need for more communication channels and program options increases, too.

Microsoft 365 offers a one-stop-shop for all of these professional requirements.

Like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 is competitive in allowing users to work remotely and simultaneously. It’s easy to collaborate and make live changes visible to everyone. It provides the structure for virtual organization, has spam filters, and offers world-class data security. 

With MS365, you never have to juggle between countless websites, programs, and apps to conduct your daily tasks. It gives you and your employees access to all other MS software: including Word, Excel, and Outlook. And with Microsoft Teams, you can communicate as extensively as you would through Slack, Zoom, or Skype.

MS365 also accommodates a company domain email—a more professional alternative to a free Gmail account. This aids in spreading your business name farther and wider. 

There’s always reliability that comes with a large software business. 

There’s also reliability that comes with an IT agency certified to manage it. 

Right now, all businesses need something to count on—especially during a chaotic 2020. We need stability. 

IT consulting can set up MS365 and a shared network for your business to ensure fluidity and data security. It can manage access so that a manager can control more than employees. Even if you have to downsize or someone gets fired, IT can shut down email and network access immediately.

The advantage is this: you can catch your breath while experts do the technical heavy lifting and install and manage a program you can trust.

Before hiring an IT agency, just be sure to confirm they are certified or partners with the software they install. Our team is a Microsoft Silver Partner, and we’re primed to help. 

Your business may be small, but you still need to invest in it. You need to give it the structure to grow and soar. 

Don’t forget—you’re small, but you’re also mighty.