Hindsight is 2020: Taking Control of Your IT

tangled wires

2020 has had people and their businesses doing double takes wondering, “Did that really just happen?”

From the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders to the multitude of natural disasters, 2020 seems to have gone awry in every way. Business owners have laid off employees and seen their businesses tank. Others hang on by a thread, unsure what might follow.

One thing about assessing past damages is realizing there are things we can do differently in the future. As business owners, we may not be able to control government mandates or global health, but we can control how we manage and mitigate internal chaos.

After all, the time for our businesses to thrive again is coming. And when that moment arrives, we need to move swiftly and without setbacks.

Many companies try to manage IT on their own. Perhaps they rely on a techie employee to set-up and monitor systems. They may subsist on only a basic understanding of IT—all in an effort to lower overhead.

But in trying to save costs, businesses that don’t rely on tech experts—tech-sperts, if you will—may regularly encounter broken software, hacked systems, data loss, and other costly issues.

Even if they haven’t yet met these obstacles, these businesses are in deep water and poised to sink further.

You see, IT support is a lot like routine maintenance on a car. It may seem easy to overlook when everything is running fine, but if you fail to check the oil more than once, you’ll soon be stranded on the freeway.

Maybe you’re feeling optimistic. After a tumultuous year, things are finally starting to resemble “business as usual.” You’re seeing a solid revenue stream and the worst seems behind you.

But out of nowhere, a sudden data breach sends you reeling. You’re forced to contact each client and explain the news that their confidential information has been hacked. This delays any current transactions and harms future prospects.

Your business has lost both money and credibility.

Even under normal global circumstances, it’s hard to compete with cybersecurity issues. Or maybe you’re just daily bombarded with phishing emails and spam. These problems take the front burner and keep you from doing your real job.

Businesses can’t really afford mishaps and wasted time. They need smooth-running systems, data backup, and top-notch security.

Using an IT agency for in-house tech support, including secure networking and data recovery, automatically grants you this firewall of protection. And in an increasingly virtual world, remote IT services offer a safe and secure way to stay connected and keep your business smoothly afloat.

If quarantine or stay-at-home orders force employees home once again, most companies will still need to operate in some capacity. Virtual conference calls will need to run smoothly without dropped calls and outdated software, and employees’ computers still need to be monitored and protected—all with IT support a quick phone call away.

With so much on the line and so much tied to technology, IT support is, and always will be, an essential business.

2020 has reminded us not to take this stability for granted. It’s a lesson we shouldn’t forget.

Let the experts control your chaos.