Cybersecurity Threats That Organizations Should Prepare for in 2022

cyber threats 2022

Every 14 seconds businesses across the world fall victim to cyberattacks. It’s essential your business understand the threats your IT support needs to be on the lookout for as we move into 2022.

Understanding the different threats there are will make it easier for you to select managed IT services. These services will offer the cybersecurity help you need. Contact your IT services and ensure you’re prepared for the threats on this list. 

Increase in Supply Chain Attacks

Gone are the days when a cyberattack was limited to affecting the company that was attacked. It will affect everyone associated with your business, including customers and business partners.

These attacks focus on targeting everyone along your supply chain repeatedly. They will also attack everyone associated with them and are not limited to affecting the private or government sector alone. 

Businesses and organizations in all sectors must work together to find ways to combat these threats. As the frequency of attacks increase, we can hope that more regulations will be put in place to protect businesses with more fragile networks.

Larger Cyber Atacks

The larger a cyberattack is, the more a business will have to spend recovering from the attack. Your business needs to have securities in place to prevent such breaches from taking place on a scale of this magnitude.

As more data breaches occur, cybercriminals will ask for higher ransoms because, in their minds, it’s worked and businesses don’t have the time to incur the losses. If one breach occurs within your business, you can expect other cybercriminals to make an attempt as well.

Cybercriminals will use various tactics to get ransoms out of the victims they attack. This could mean they go as far as to personally contact the people associated with your business.

This is not only going to cause a massive monetary loss; it will also do damage to your company’s reputation.

Spread of Misinformation

The danger with misinformation is that some groups of people act based on this misinformation. It can cause issues for your business and others.

For example, there were several different forms of misinformation that have been spread throughout the pandemic.

Due to the misinformation, cybercriminals were able to find a way to take advantage of people. This was done by selling viles of the ‘vaccine’ or providing certificates of vaccination.

As people continue to believe in the information floating around the internet, it will play an alarming role in future cyberattacks against businesses.

IT Support: Building a Security Wall to Stop Cyberattacks

As the year progresses, there will be an increase in cyber threats your business faces. These cyberattacks include the spread of ‘fake news’ and attacks occurring on a larger scale.

Are you in need of help building your IT infrastructure or implementing a cybersecurity plan? Contact Kainos Technologies and let us help you secure your business network and data.

It’s easier to prevent an attack than it is to recover from one.